Shenzhen deployment to meet the National Environmental Protection Model City for review

    Shenzhen municipal government greatly values ​​the piece of green card of the National Environmental Protection Model City, and in 1997 won the award after it has been firmly taking the green road. Ying seized accelerating the review, the city of Shenzhen early last year to do the city's mobilization. March 11 this year, the Shenzhen Municipal Government issued the "2012 in Shenzhen City, to meet the review of the work program of the National Environmental Protection Model City" (hereinafter referred to as the "work program"), made ​​a comprehensive plan on the city's review of Ying seized preparations.
   The program of work according to the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department pre-assessment expert advice, combined with the weak link of the Shenzhen Municipal Environmental Protection Model City for review work, accelerating the construction of environmental infrastructure, strengthening the focus on corporate governance and accelerating clean production audit, commissioned to accelerate the motor vehicle testing organizations, improve the welcome check information ready, step up publicity efforts to do the review of reception and preparation of the seven key tasks, and clearly the work schedule, the responsible units and assessment requirements.
    program of work requirements in various districts, all departments must unify their thinking, attaches great importance to further enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility to arrange special funds, with a full-time staff, and unconventional efforts to promote the Ying seized work to ensure that the welcome inspection tasks completed before the end of June 2012.
program of work also requires the establishment of a joint meeting presided over by the deputy mayor in charge of the municipal government system, coordinate the work to promote the process of promoting ineffective units informed; Ying seized the municipal department of supervision on the review supervision and inspection, and dereliction of duty, Ying seized ineffective work units and individuals in accordance with the relevant provisions of accountability.

    Post time :2012 -05-31: the first edition of the China Environment News China Environmental News reporter Liujing Shenzhen reported

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